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Rice is an indispensable part of vegetarian cuisine. There are many variations and possible combinations .

In general, it can be said that almost all vegetables go well with rice and can be served together. Legumes are also
ideal for a healthy meal with rice.

Vitamins (B, E),minerals, trace elements, fiber, carbohydrates, protein and amino acids.

Rice dishes with vegetables & legumes


Heat the oil in a pot or pan, add rice and salt and stir a little. Pour water over and cook with the lid closed until the rice is soft and the water has absorbed. Stir in between and add water if necessary. Vegetables that cook quickly, such as peppers or zucchini, can be added to the rice (a little later) and cooked together. That saves some time. The vegetables can of course be cooked separately or fried in the pan. I also like to cook legumes. Since the cooking time for the legumes is significantly longer, cook them separately.


The vegetables and legumes can be combined as desired. I always cook a little more (four servings) of all the ingredients and enjoy it for a few days. It is perfect if you have little time during the day and want to eat something healthy quickly. Simply add a little oil and warm up in the microwave, that's it!


Tofu also goes well with rice dishes. Cut the firm tofu into cubes and cook or fry with the rice or separately. Tofu cooks up pretty quickly. Therefore add to the rice later and cook for a few minutes.





- rice, paprika, tofu, lentils (e.g. green)

- Rice, zucchini, beans (e.g. black), lentils

- Rice, chickpeas, lentils, broccoli



Use leftovers - fried rice:


Simply put everything that is left in the pan,

Fry and add a few eggs, mix and fry together briefly.

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