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La Palma


La Palma is the third smallest island in the Canaries. The capital is Santa Cruz and is in the east. Locals also call the island "La Isla Bonita" - the beautiful island or "La Isla Verde" the green island. La Palma is a hiking paradise. Hiking and nature lovers will love this island. The intense colors of nature - black, blue and green and the contrast to each other are absolutely impressive. 


In addition, La Palma is one of the best places in the world for stargazing. The observatory (ORM) is located on the top of the highest mountain - Roque de Los Muchachos, 2,426 meters high. There are strict rules for light pollution and air traffic so that optimal stargazing is possible.


The Los Tilos laurel forest with a waterfall is located above Los Sauces in the northeast and is particularly worth seeing. Los Cancajos is a popular resort in the east of the island. The black sandy beach of Playa de Los Cancajos is beautiful and invites you to relax. This place was my home for a while.


In the west of the island is the secret capital, the largest municipality Los Llanos de Aridane. The port city of Tazacorte is also to the west; from here the boat trips start. The Playa de Tazacorte beach is also very beautiful. Only a few minutes drive from Tazacorte is the sandy beach of Puerto de Naos with popular beach bars. The west side of the island is definitely livelier, warmer, and sunnier than the east side.


Fuencaliente (Los Canarios) is the southernmost place on the island. The youngest volcanoes Teneguía and San Antonio can be seen here. Teneguía is an active volcano, the last eruption was in 1971. The volcanic landscape in the south is simply gigantic.


With a rental car you can explore the whole island in a few days. But be careful: the roads are very winding and it is always uphill or downhill. The new tunnel that connects the east and west sides is an exception. The cultivation of bananas is an important source of income on La Palma. The banana plantations can be seen everywhere and these bananas are particularly tasty; so don't forget to try it!


Celebrating New Year's Eve in the capital Santa Cruz is a great experience. Music is playing in the small bars and cafés, and you can dance and party everywhere. The people here are very nice and open, you immediately feel welcome and at ease. Christmas is also very relaxed here and far from the hustle and bustle.




Beaches in the south:


  • Playa Echentive

  • Playa de La Zamora

  • Playa Chica


Beaches in the west:


  • Playa Nueva

  • Charco Verde Beach

  • Playa de Tazacorte

  • Playa de Puerto Naos


Beaches in the east:




More excursion destinations:


  • Caldera de Taburiente National Park

  • Mirador de la Cumbrecita viewpoint

  • Cascada de Colores - colored waterfall

  • Dragon trees in Las Tricias in the northwest

  • Faro de Fuencaliente

  • Salinas Marinas de Fuencaliente

  • Charco Azul sea pool in Los Sauces

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