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Tofu is an integral part of vegetarian cuisine and is more than just a meat substitute. It is low in calories, healthy and a vegetable source of protein.

The tofu is available plain, smoked or seasoned. There are numerous preparation options: boiling, stewing, roasting, baking, grilling, deep-frying or using in desserts.

Vitamins (B, E), minerals, trace elements, protein and amino acids.

Tofu, eggs and vegetables


This combination is perfect if you have little time but still want to eat something healthy. The preparation is very easy and quick. Here, too, you can choose and vary different types of vegetables.


Fry the vegetables and tofu separately, add the eggs, season and briefly fry together, done!





- Without toofu: fry the vegetables (eg aubergine), add the eggs, season and briefly fry together. Serve with some rye bread or dark toast bread.


- Without eggs: Fry vegetables (e.g. red peppers), beans and tofu separately, mix, season and add pitted olives.

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