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There are innumerable varieties of potatoes and a lot of delicious vegetarian dishes can be conjured up with them. There are also many variants and options when it comes to preparation.

Quick preparations are, for example, frying, boiling or baking in the oven. On hot summer days, the potato salad is a simple and refreshing meal.

Vitamins (A, B, C, E), beta-carotene, minerals, trace elements, fiber, carbohydrates, protein, amino acids andsecondary plant substances.

Potatoes with eggs


Dice the potatoes (either pre-cooked or uncooked) and place in

fry in the pan. Cut the uncooked potatoes a little smaller so that they cook faster. Add eggs, season and briefly fry together. Fresh turmeric grind and use as a seasoning. At the end, depending on your taste, spread some sprinkled cheese on top and let it melt.





- With vegetables: e.g. paprika, leek or aubergine


Fry the potatoes and vegetables separately, mix, season and briefly fry together.



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