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Alanya is one of the largest tourist centers in the Mediterranean. The lively seaside resort on the Turkish Riviera is a popular travel destination, especially for German tourists. The city is about 130 km from Antalya. The drive from Antalya Airport takes about 1.5 hours.

My adventure abroad in the tourism sector began in Alanya as a children's entertainer in a hotel. I spent two summer seasons and long vacation times here and was able to gain unique experiences.

The approx. 3 km long sandy beach - Kleopatra Beach is probably the most popular and most beautiful beach in town. Numerous water sports are offered here, such as surfing, water skiing, beach volleyball, diving, parasailing, snorkeling, stand up paddling, etc. Directly from the beach, the cable car built in 2017 goes up to the castle. The fortress is one of the most important sights and should definitely be visited. The landmark of Alanya is the Kızıl Kule, "red tower" and is located in the harbor. A few meters from the landmark is the shipyard; there is a fee to enter here.

If you are looking to cool off in summer at over 40 °, you should go to Dim Çayı (a small river in the north of Alanya). There are many restaurants here and the water is freezing. About 20 km from Alanya is Incekum Beach, translated it means "fine sand". The water is very clean and slopes gently, waves can hardly be seen here. Ideally suited for families with small children. Day trips to Side or Manavgat are also offered from Alanya. You can also take the public bus to the neighboring cities.

The boat trips on a pirate ship are a highlight. With an all-inclusive offer, you can party all day on the ship. Day tours last about 5-6 hours. These ships are also known as "party boats" with foam parties. Families with children are also welcome on board. Many beautiful bays are approached with swimming stops and you have the opportunity to swim carefree in the open sea. Short party tours are also offered late in the evening and at night in summer.


The nightlife with many clubs and bars right at the port and in the center is very turbulent in Alanya. My absolute favorite club is the Havana Club, on two floors with a fantastic view. Even  Robin Hood (on four floors) and  Bistro Bellman are very popular locations for partying.  However, all clubs close at 3 a.m., which I thought was great. If you want to party longer, you have to drive about 10 km further to Konaklı, a district of Alanya. Here is the trendy Club Summer Garden with open and closed areas.

Warning: Unfortunately, adulterated alcohol is sold in most clubs. This usually leads to unconsciousness and a blackout. The next morning you can't remember anything. It is best to buy the alcohol in the supermarket and pre-drink it. Only drink beer from the bottle on site, do not order liquor or cocktails. Never leave drinks unattended. Drugs or knockout drops can get into the glass unnoticed.

Further destinations:


  • Damlataş Cave at the end of Cleopatra Beach

  • Archaeological Museum

  • Lighthouse at the harbor

  • Ataturk House Museum

  • Alanya Tepe / Bektaş Park

  • Taurus Mountains

  • Ataturk Boulevard - Main Street

  • Bazaar at Dolmuş train station

  • Alanyum Mall, shopping mall

  • Alanya Aquapark

  • Boat tours

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